Funeral Held for Victim in Boeheim Crash Victim in Boeheim Crash Has His Funeral

A. DeWitt Memorial Funeral Home hosts Jorge Jimenez's service.

By Justin Paura SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Central New York Community was devastated late last Wednesday when news broke that a local man was killed in a car accident involving Syracuse men’s basketball head coach, Jim Boeheim.

Thursday evening was Jimenez’s funeral at A. DeWitt Memorial Funeral Home. The service was held from 4p.m.-8p.m. and was open to the public. The home donated their services so the family did not have to cover any expenses of the funeral. St. Agnes’ Florist and Woodlawn Cemetery also donated their services, bringing the Jimenez’s cost to zero.

There were over dozens of family, friends and Central New Yorkers who came through the home to pay their respects. One notable absence from the funeral was Boeheim. Boeheim has only commented once on the incident, which was after the Orange lost its game with the Duke Blue Devils Saturday night.

“First and foremost to the Jimenez family, I want them to know how truly devastated I am for my involvement in the loss of their loved one, Jorge Jimenez,” Boeheim said. “The grief and pain his family is feeling at this time is simply put: unimaginable. Julie, my family and I are heartbroken.”

Boeheim was allegedly driving in the SUV that struck and killed Jimenez. The investigation is still ongoing, there are no criminal charges filed and Boeheim is cooperating fully with Syracuse police.

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