Gas Prices Falling as Winter Weather Hits Syracuse Gas Prices Falling as Winter Weather Hits Syracuse

Gas Prices Falling for the First Time in Months as Winter Weather Hits Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — For the first time in over a month, gas prices are dropping in Syracuse. As residents go fill up their cars at the pumps, they will no longer see the four dollar prices that became standard over the past month. “I’ve seen it as low as like $3.69 [per gallon] depending on the area,” said Syracuse local Stella Thompson.

Thompson works as a driver for both DoorDash and Uber. “I always pay attention to the lowest gas prices,” said Thompson. Whenever Thompson goes to the pumps she always “fills up with 50 dollars and whatever it makes [her] it makes [her],” she said. With gas prices dropping slightly, that gets her just a little more fuel in the tank.

Thompson will not be on the road as much in the near future though. Syracuse received snowfall for the first time this season to begin the month of November, and the winter weather can keep Thompson and many other drivers off the roads. “I don’t drive when it snows,” laughed Thompson. “I just don’t like to drive when it snows,” she reiterated.

Syracuse student Walker Oettl backed this belief up saying, “My car does not make it very far in the winter,” as he looked back at his old Toyota Highlander. “I’m on the roads way less, doing the least I can,” finished Oettl. He did add that the drop in gas prices still does not hurt. “It still helps with my budget. It’s going to be nice having lower gas prices.”

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