Global Warming Affects Milk Production Global Warming Affects Milk Production

By Kayla Miller SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — In recent years, global warming has taken its toll on the environment eliminating thousands of crops and wiping out ecosystems. Temperatures have risen so high, animals have been in distress, especially cows.

According to a recent article on, high temperatures have caused a decrease in milk production among 9 million cows across the country.

Farmers have tried to find several ways to keep the cows in a cool and stable environment. When the temperatures reach above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, cows start to show signs of heat stress such as quick breathing and drooling.

Donna Walker, a regulatory manager at Dairy Farmers Of America, is in charge of checking in with dairy farms in the Upstate New York area. She comes in every so often to test the levels of the cows’ milk and see if it is ready to be mass produced.

To keep the cows comfortable, Walker said farmers have implemented big fans that blow a cooling mist over them.

“It’s comfortable when I walk through the barns. I’m a lot more comfortable than I am outside,” Walker said.

With these recent environmental changes, a shortage in milk could be a possible reality. Milk and dairy ingredients can be found in most of our everyday items such as yogurt, cheese, and ice cream.

Syracuse University sophomore Seth Martin Jr. is a frequent dairy user when it comes to cooking. “I would be pretty upset if there was no milk because I tend to bake really often, and milk is a crucial part to making like whipped cream and other desserts,” Martin Jr. said.

Walker said at the end of the day, the farmers try to keep their cows happy and healthy.

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