Going Green to Save Green: A Five Million Dollar Solar Farm is Coming to DeWitt Going Green: DeWitt Building a Five Million Dollar Solar Farm

R-E-R energy group is building a solar farm in the town of Dewitt.
Darron Wallace reports Dewitt has become a leader in sustainable energy initiatives.

The town of Dewitt is constructing another solar energy project this fall.
This is not the first time the town is utilizing renewable energy.
R-E-R’S Solar Project Developer Mike Roach, says Dewitt has a number of other projects in the town.

They’ve done a number of other things, early on they installed a solar array on the roof of the town hall… the library has a bunch of sustainability elements engineered into it.

Roach says the town is setting an example for Central New York.

DeWitt, in and of itself, is really a leader in terms of municipal action towards sustainability.

The farm will cost five-million dollars and construction is already underway.
The array is expected to be finished this fall.
Darron Wallace, N-C-C News.

By Darron Wallace, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A new sustainability based project has started in DeWitt. RER Energy Group has connected with the Onondaga Environmental Institute to construct a five million dollar solar farm which is expected to be finished by the fall.

The farm will be constructed in what was previously a landfill near Cedar Bay Park. Mike Roach, Central New York Solar Project Developer for RER Energy Group, says that construction is expected to begin within the next two weeks.

Roach credits DeWitt for being at the forefront of clean energy and sustainability efforts. “The town back in 2014 adopted a sustainability plan that envisioned a number of activities they could undertake to increase their sustainability… They’ve done a number of other things.

Not only is DeWitt continuing its clean energy efforts, but with this solar farm, the town is expected to save 75-thousand-dollars annually.

Roach says this project is an example of the town putting the landfill to its best economic use.

More solar projects for the town could be on the way. “We are at a unique point and time. For many years people have understood that renewable energy and solar energy is the right thing to do, but the economics did not always make sense… no pun intended but the future looks bright for solar energy.”

The project is expected to be finished by the fall. The town of DeWitt continues to make more strides towards clean energy.

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