Helpful Tips for People Traveling During the Holiday Season Helpful Tips for People Traveling During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, travelers could use tips on how to make their trip a lot easier. Winter weather is beginning to hit cities all across the country, including right here in Central New York. Travel agencies like AAA Camillus are making sure travelers know to stay safe, hydrated, and warm while on the road.

Expect the streets to be packed with drivers this holiday season. AAA projects that this year will be the highest number of travelers on the road in 13 years. 

Charles Nave, a Member Services Consultant at AAA Camillus says drivers need to take extra precaution because of the expected increase in drivers on the road.

“Make sure that you have your tires and battery check before you leave,” Nave said. “And bring an extra set of spare keys.”

Nave says traveling with others can help drivers avoid distractions.

“Make sure someone else is using the GPS of the car because it’s so much traffic, you don’t wanna get distracted,” Nave said. “There’s so many more accidents, obviously with the rushed traffic.”

He says drivers must make sure they keep distance between their vehicle and the car in front of them. This is because of the possibility of skidding on the road in slippery winter weather conditions.

Nave also says to avoid traveling during the busy commuting times if you hope to avoid heavy traffic.

Airports are another place that sees an increase in the number of travelers during the holiday season.

Brandon Melcher, a Syracuse University graduate student returning from visiting his parents in Wisconsin, says traveling during the holiday is important to him because this is one of the only time gets to see friends and family.

“Most of my traveling is just home to see my parents,” said Melcher. “Since I’m out on the East Coast, I only get to see them a few times a year, so the best part is just going home getting to see people. My family, friends I went to high school with that I don’t seen all the time.”

He says because it can be hectic traveling during holiday season, he makes sure he does everything he can to make his trip a little easier.

“I don’t try to get to the airport more than an hour ahead of time,” said Melcher. But, if it’s during the holidays I’m pushing that back to two hours. Don’t check bags, pack light, make it easy to get around because there is nothing worse than trying to be somewhere on time and then you lose your luggage.”

Traveling during the holiday can be fun, but it can also be time consuming and dangerous. AAA Camillus recommends that all drivers be prepared for the unexpected. Drivers can do this by making sure the car has been checked before leaving for their trip, have plenty of water, and bring extra blankets because there is no telling when the winter weather will kick in. Preparation is also key for those traveling via plane. Travelers should get to the airport a few hours early and pack light, so they can bring extra clothes and blankets to prepare for low temperatures. 



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