Teen Creates “Cleats For Feet” High School Junior Creates Cleats For Feet

A program that gives used athletic shoes to those in need

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (NCC News)-  Romi Laclair is a junior at South Jefferson High School. She has decided that her love for sports has pushed her to give opportunities to those who are not as fortunate as her. She is the founder of  a non profit called Cleats for Feet which takes in new or used athletic shoes and gives them out to people in need.

“I totally value sports and the connections you make with friends and coaches. The values you can get from sports are like nothing else,” said Romi Laclair, founder of Cleats for Feet.

Laclair said she feels a sense of excitement when she sees the look on children’s faces when they pick up a new pair of cleats. She has even taken her passion for helping others to Africa as she traveled there last summer to donate cleats to those in need overseas.

“I have given over 800 pairs of cleats away in our community as well as to kids in other communities,” Laclair said.

Laclair said that especially with young children’s feet growing so fast its hard for parents to afford to keep buying them new pairs so to have a pair that looks brand new and get them for free puts a smile on so many young kids faces.

“I feel bad if I didn’t have soccer shoes because I couldn’t play soccer with my friends,” said Simon Suiber one of the shoe recipients.

Laclair will be holding more open houses before every sports season. To get in contact with her visit her facebook page. 

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