Holiday Shopping has its Pros and Cons for Local Business Holiday Shopping has its Pros and Cons for Local Business

The holiday season brings many shoppers to stores and malls all across the country. Local businesses say working during this time of the year has its own pros and cons.

Andrew Visconti, the Store Manager at the Destiny USA Finish Line said business has increased within the last week because of the holiday season.

“It’s probably our, like, third busiest time of the year, after back to school and tax season, definitely holiday season is our third busiest time of the year,” Visconti said. “It’s a big chunk of our business as well. I’d say we do about maybe 25 percent of our business for the whole year during this time period”

This means that about a fourth of its sales come between the end of November and the beginning of January. This shows how important  the holiday season can be to the success and growth of businesses.

Visconti said more customers visit the store during this time of year, especially because of the extended hours.

“Oh yeah,” Visconti said. There’s definitely a big increase in traffic, especially when we extend mall hours. I think this year we do nine straight days of eight to 11 p.m. So, just the added hours, increased traffic, just a huge increase in our business during that peak weak there.”

Although the holiday season can be good for business, it also comes with its own challenges.

Visconti says dealing with customers during this time of year can be difficult but he and his staff must do their best to serve each customer.

“Every situations different, you can’t treat every customer the same,” Visconti said. Our motto here is just take care of the customer, make sure they leave happy. That’s our motto here every day, not even just during the holidays.”

Visconti said even though shopping during the holiday season can get very hectic, making sure customers leave the store satisfied, will always be the main objective.

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