Kickboxing Event Showcases Local Athletes Kickboxing Event Showcases Local Athletes

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Local M-M-A fighter Bryce Mills takes center stage tonight for the Elite Champion
Kickboxing fight. N-C-C reporter Scarlett Lisjak says the whole community is coming out in support of the 18-year-old kickboxing champion….

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The Fight is expected to host over 600 people to Destiny’s Embassy Suites Hotel. CEO of Lace-up Promotions Amar Abdullah says the focus of the event is on the community of Syracuse….
(“Very community minded, and rooted within the community, and that’s what makes these shows so successful is, Bryce Mills he’s got 300 of his family and friend, this venue is about a 600 person venue, you’re talking about half the people coming are for Bryce Mills”)
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Depending on the success of tonight’s already sold-out fight, Abdullah says, there is more in store for Syracuse internationally…
(“Once this works, and it seems like it’s a great success now, we’ll start expanding off of it, building off of it, and brining a lot of international attention to the area.”)
Seven fights are set to take place tonight, including four title matches. Scarlett Lisjak, N-C-C News.

By Scarlett Lisjak. Syracuse N.Y. (NCC News)- Bryce Mills, mixed martial arts fighter, took center stage Aug. 1 for an Elite Champion Kickboxing fight. This kickboxing champion is from Liverpool, New York. And already, at the young age of 18, many people considered him as the top prospect in the United States. He made his first debut in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Known as the “Golden Boy” for his mastery skills, Mills gained a huge following in Central New York.

Expecting to bring over 600 people to the Embassy Suites near Destiny USA, the event will have seven matches, including four title matches, and two professional matches.

CEO of Lace Up Promotions, Amer Abdullah,  said  his company has been organizing MMA shows for the past 20 years in Syracuse. Abdullah said this event is different from before because it showcases the best of the best local athletes by giving them a platform to compete against one another.

Abdullah states that this event is “very community minded, and rooted within the community, and that’s what makes these shows so successful.” Many Syracuse locals cheered him on, along with Mills’ family and friends. Abdullah said, half the people attending the event were coming for Mills.

“It’s going to be electrifying tonight, when you see the atmosphere, and the crowd goes crazy… when these local guys come out,”  Abdullah said.

This initial Elite Champion Kickboxing match is a steppingstone to international exposure for local competitions in the future. With the expected success of the event and the local gathering, Abdullah and his team will “start expanding off [the success], building off of it, and bringing a lot of international attention to the area.”

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