Local Businesses Like Syracuse’s Acropolis Pizza Are Feeling the Effects of COVID-19. Syracuse's local businesses struggle during COVID-19.

Acropolis Pizza is Among the Local Businesses Feeling the Effects of COVID-19.

The coronavirus has taken Syracuse and the rest of the world by storm causing many businesses to shut down and leaving those that are still open barley afloat.

Acropolis Pizza is one of the few stores along with Jimmy Johns and Pita Pit, on Marshall Street that have stayed open. However, they have still felt the effects of this virus.

“People are now unemployed that work here … and uh you know … well it’s not like they’ve been fired but you know there’s no work. So, we can’t have people just coming in and do nothing now. “

Acropolis has been a longtime favorite for Syracuse University students. Yet, the university has decided to have online classes for the rest of the semester to try and decrease the spread of coronavirus. This has dramatically decreased Acropolis’s business as most of their customers come from SU.

“We’re lucky is we get 25 customers a day,” said Papzides. “It’s probably going to be like this for the rest of the semester. They say it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.”

Acropolis has also tried to do their part in helping out those who are struggling. “We’re more worried about the people who are unemployed,” said Papzides. “If they need something to eat you know we help them out. If they need to borrow a couple of bucks you know it’s there for them.”

Despite everything Papzides is trying to stay positive. “Once it gets better, it’s gonna be better than it was.”

Acropolis Pizza is located at 167 Marshall St, Syracuse, NY 13210. They are still currently open for walk in, pick-up and delivery.

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