Local Candy Stores See Sales Boost During Halloween Local Candy Stores See Sales Boost During Halloween

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Halloween is a candy-centric holiday. For local candy shop owners, this means that their sales are about to rise.

Adam Mazzoni is the owner of Sweet on Chocolate located in Syracuse. He says that his shop experiences a 25% sales increase in the month of October. However, he doesn’t attribute this to just Halloween itself.

“I don’t think our customers will be handing out our candy to Trick-or-Treaters,” he said. “For me, our business sales rise because of the fall season. The weather is cooling down, making it more appropriate for people to eat chocolate. When you have 80, 90 degree days, you walk outside and the chocolate melts, creating a mess in your bag almost immediately.”

Whether the sales increase is because of fall or Halloween, Mazzoni is just happy to have a store. Sweet on Chocolate almost closed last spring under the previous owner. Mazzoni saw his chance to step in.

“The previous owner just didn’t want to do it anymore,” Mazzoni said. “I saw my chance to take over and took it. I haven’t looked back since.”

Another local store, Chocolate Pizza Company Inc., has also experienced a dramatic sales bump during the Halloween season. Its owner, Ryan Novak, said that the store sees its sales double during Halloween season compared to its regular season, April-September. He attributes this to the unique nature of his candy.

“We have a pretty unique selection here,” he said. “Our chocolate pizzas and peanut butter wings are things that you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve been making more Halloween options this year too, like our Halloween pizza.”

However, Novak is aware that brand-names will still be king.

“You’re still going to have your Snickers and Twix,” he said. “But if people can mix in more local options like ours with those brand names, then that’s a best-case scenario.”

Whether it’s chocolate truffles from Sweet on Chocolate or chocolate pizza from Chocolate Pizza Company Inc., Halloween is a moneymaker for Mazzoni and Novak (and probably local dentists too).

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