Local Coffee Shop Prepares to Grow its Business Local Coffee Shop Prepares to Grow its Business

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  On Thursday, the Starbucks on Marshall Street will be permanently closing its doors.  Starbucks on Marshall Street is now one of two stores on the street to close within the past year, leaving only notes behind for its patrons.

As national chains close down, local economist Kim DeRuby says the window opens for local business to get back to taking over the market.

“These chain closures are hopefully, if stores, local stores play it right, will actually ultimately lead to an increase in sales as they capture, as they capture the sales from these closures,” DeRuby said.

This closure may be one of 600 store closures for Starbucks around the country this year alone. This closure also means that there will now only be one stand-alone Starbucks store inside the city limits, which is located on West Jefferson Street.

It is still currently up in the air as to why the Marshall Street store closed so abruptly, but one of its competitors near Marshall Street is preparing for much more business now.

The Salt City Coffee shop is right down the road from Starbucks, and this locally owned shop will be searching for more employees to help combat a possible increase in foot traffic. Not only are they prepping for more business on Marshall Street, but they also have just announced a new location in Fayetteville.

One of their employees, Chloe Flores says Syracuse has always been about the birth and growth of local businesses, so Starbucks leaving Marshall Street gives them another opportunity to grow.

“There, there’s happening happenings. And it’s beautiful, and there’s effort, and initiative, and there’s care taken to like revitalize our community,” Flores said. “Local businesses thriving again post-pandemic is what this city is all about.”

Starbucks plans to have a community closing event on Thursday afternoon from 3-5 p.m. As for Salt City Coffee, their Fayetteville location is still currently in the planning process.

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