Local Donut Shop is Helping Combat Clothing Insecurity Local Donuts are Helping Combat Clothes Insecurity

Maddie Mustion: Back to school shopping for clothes can be expensive for some families. Mother of two, Alysia Clary, created Clary’s Closet to help her own community with clothing insecurity.

Alysia Clary: We wanted to do something that would have an immediate impact on those kid’s lives.

Maddie Mustion: Owner of Glazed and Confused, Paul Valenti, wanted to help with that impact. He has supported Clary’s Closet since their first year. This year, he will model donuts after painted rocks Clary used in a scavenger hunt contest. Clary hopes this donut is just the beginning.

Alysia Clary: Maybe in the future we will have another one, like I said he’s always great when we reach out to him.

Maddie Mustion: All proceeds from the Clary’s Closet themed donuts will go towards back-to-school clothing. In Syracuse, Maddie Mustion, N-C-C News.

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) — Back to school shopping can be something kids look forward to as we near the middle of August. Some parents may dread this time because of the cost of getting school supplies and new clothes for their growing children.

Alysia Clary saw children in her own community of Baldwinsville struggling with clothing insecurity and knew she had to help. Clary’s Closet was founded by Alysia and her husband shortly after.

“Having two children ourselves, we wanted to do something that would have an immediate impact on those kid’s lives,” Clary said.

Their non-profit has flourished through donations from other community members and students that see the need for those struggling. The most needed items tend to be new socks and underwear, but they take new or lightly worn clothing items that they can recycle to schools in the area.

When Clary approached local businesses about helping this cause, Paul Valenti, owner of Glazed and Confused, jumped at the opportunity.

Rocks painted with various designs.
Rocks painted for the scavenger hunt with various designs.
© 2022 Alysia Clary

“He put our logo on a donut and we had a great successful fundraiser with him,” Clary explained.

This year they will be modeling the themed donut after a special set of painted rocks. 10 rocks were painted by Mallory Offredi, a student at Baker High School, and were hidden around playgrounds at their partnering schools. If a child found a rock, they would contact Clary’s Closet and get their back to school items completely covered by the non-profit.

Not only will these themed donuts look cool, but they will draw attention to the ways in which Clary and her non-profit are giving back to the community.

All proceeds from the themed donuts will be donated to Clary’s Closet to help fund back to school clothing for local kids. Glazed and Confused will hold the fundraiser on August, 11 from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m.

To donate items or find more information on Clary’s Closet you can visit their website or contact Alysia on their Facebook page.

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