Local Farm Provides Central New Yorkers With Year-Round Fresh Produce Local Farm

Anchor:A large group of Central New Yorkers will be eating fresh locally grown produce all year round.
N-C-C News reporter Colby Yablon explains where these fresh products come from during the off-season.

Colby:A local farm in Sackets Harbor has invented a prototype greenhouse that operates 3-hundred-65 days a year. Agbotic Farms promises its customers that all their products are grown in rich soil while reducing the risk of contamination.
Executive vice president Kevin Richardson says his farm prides itself on unconventional produce.

Kevin Richardson:”We want it to be specialty and unique. We sell baby beet roots with green and baby radish with green.”

Colby: Agbotic Farms has partnered with Syracuse University to provide students with a farm to table experience. They promise to have their products delivered to the dining halls within 24 hours of harvest. Syracuse sophomore, Julius Gill eats at the dining hall at least once a day and has had an overall positive experience with the products at the salad bar.

Julius Gill:”If you eat it right on time, pretty much, it taste pretty good, so I don’t have any problems or complaints about that.”

Colby: Agbotic farms plans to expand their products by growing other baby root produce like carrots and turnips.
For N-C-C News, I’m Colby Yablon.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – A local farm in Sackets Harbor, New York is providing many central New Yorkers with fresh, locally grown produce year-round. Agbotic Farms created a prototype greenhouse which has the ability to grow and harvest organic baby roots 365 days a year.

This environmental innovation is significant to central New York because the Northeast has a short harvesting season, so this provides the local community with fresh produce during its off-seasons. Agbotic Farms harvest all of its products undercover and in nutrient rich-soil. The greenhouse is equipped with an environmental control system, which provides heat in the winter and cooling the summer.

Agbotic Farms is committed to providing its customers with specialized and unique products. Currently, they are growing baby root crops, which are root plants that have been growing for half the time of large root crops. The farms main goal is to grow foods that are not commonly manufactured by large companies.

Executive Vice President of Agbotic Farms, Kevin Richardson says, “Were very committed to harvesting and packing ready for and delivered to the customer within 24 hours. That is an automated process within our greenhouse that allows us the capability to execute that.”

Students at Syracuse University are included in those central New Yorkers receiving the year-round fresh produce. Agbotic Farms partnered with Syracuse University Food Services in early February to provide students with a farm to table experience.

Richardson says the produce takes 21 days to fully harvest and once the harvesting is complete, the product will be shipped and provided to the students in the dining halls within 24 hours.

Overall, the students have had a positive reaction to the fresh produce served in the salad bar. Junior James Finneral says, “The fact that it is more fresh, it makes me want to go eat at the salad bar more often.”

Sophomore, Julius Gill, has also had a positive experience with the new product. He states, “If you eat it right on time it taste pretty good, so I don’t have any complaints about that.”

Agbotic Farms’s partnership with Syracuse University has been a success, so the farm is working on ways to expand and improve its products. They are currently providing baby root crops to five dining halls on campus, but their goal is to eventually provide produce to all of Syracuse food services. They are also planning on growing more baby root produce, such as carrots and turnips.

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