Local Hotels Offer Students Option to Self Quarantine Local Hotels Offer Students Option to Self Quarantine

31 states are now on the mandatory quarantine list

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo updated travel restrictions this week.   Visitors from 31 states now must quarantine for 14 days. This has presented issues for Syracuse University students that need to return to campus. School begins on Aug. 24, and for those that need to quarantine, there is not much time to figure out a plan.  Local hotels are now working with the University to provide a housing solution.

“We’ve gotten quite a few phone calls which we’re happy about, and the discount rate is $75 per night for the students to stay here,” said General Manager  of the Crowne Plaza hotel, Kyle Hares. “And the purpose behind it is a voluntary quarantine to do what’s right to kind of protect the other students.” 

However, not all students want to pay the price. Incoming graduate student Riley Didier is at a loss of what to do since her apartment complex will not let her come early.

“I’ve called them probably four times and received no information,” explained Didier.  “The only thing they have said is that the person that was living in my space before me has to move out July 31st and it’s not enough time to clean the apartment as thoroughly as they need to.”

Didier said she is frustrated because she does not want to start school online, but also does not want to pay for a hotel.

“I finished my senior year also online and I didn’t really want to start grad school online if I didn’t have to. But my apartment complex is not that being very flexible right now.”

Even with the option of a two week hotel stay, it is ultimately up to the student on whether they follow the quarantine rules. The hotels will not be actively monitoring the students’ whereabouts.

“Because it’s a voluntary quarantine we really have no responsibility… they’re doing it for the health and safety and they understand the greater purpose,” said Hares.

Tom Fernandez of Woodbine Group properties said they are offering similar options such as early move ins and hotel rooms. They are currently preparing the rooms for the return of students.

“I think we’re still outside of that window where we are really starting to see the influx of people I think we’ve got about a week or so before we’re going to see that,” said Fernandez.

If students plan to attend school in person on the first day of class, Syracuse should expect to see arrivals within the next two weeks.


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