Local Hotels Prepare for Parents Weekend Local Hotels Prepare for Parents Weekend

SYRACUSE, N.Y.  (NCC News) — The upcoming weekend of Oct. 18 is Parents Weekend at Syracuse University and local hotels are prepared for an increased number of guests. 

General Manager of the Sleep Inn and Suites, Matthew Barbagallo, in East Syracuse said that the hotel is fully booked and this is one of their marquee weekends. 

“It’s always an exciting weekend, it’s probably, it’s probably top three weekends of the year for us as far as demand, you know the demand is there,” Barbagallo said. “We sell out every year.”

With higher demand comes higher prices. For Barbagallo experience is what has helped him learn about the significance of the weekend for local hotels and the Syracuse area as a whole. 

“I’ve been priced considerably higher since last year on parents weekend as opposed to when we first started we weren’t really aware as to what parents weekend was and exactly how much it affected the hotel industry and how much it affected Syracuse in general,” he said. 

Big weekends like parents weekend help the hotel from top to bottom. More money for the hotel, means more for the employees. 

“It’s one of our big money weekends, I hate to just talk bottom line, but you know that’s what we’re in business for is to make money,” Barbagallo said. “When we make money our employees make money.”



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