Low Income CNY Residents Receiving Home Utility Relief Low Income CNY Residents Receiving Home Utility Relief

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – New York state is ready to take major strides for low income families falling behind on their home utility bills.

On Thursday, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a $567 million plan that will allow families who qualify a one-time credit. This credit will completely eliminate all prior payments missed on home utilities, and allows people to enjoy their homes.

PEACE Inc. Energy & Housing Director Sally Ward says her company works on installing vents, air conditioners, heaters, and other utilities into the home. She said it’s all going toward helping the customer’s bottom line.

“We want to make their homes more energy efficient and make them more comfortable,” Ward said.

Comfortable, and safe. Ward said the weatherization program started because people have died from freezing to death in their homes from the heat turning off.

“We want to prevent that from ever happening again and New York state is leading the way on that. It shows that New York state will not be a state that will make a client choose between heat and eat,” Ward said. 

Kirk Sheehan lives in Manhattan, and has seen how the pandemic and recent inflation have impacted people directly in his family. He said this push to help lower income families will combat quickly rising pricing.

“I think it’s a good idea, especially with everything going up and pay not really going up. It’s kind of getting out of control.”

Sheehan added that what the government has tried to do so far isn’t enough, and that people are still struggling.

Especially with COVID and people having to look for work again. The stimulus helped a little, but it can only do so much,” Sheehan said. 

He believes the best solution is to start from the ground up when it comes to the economic system. To him, restructuring how people with lower income have to pay their taxes, and allowing them to truly focus on their bills is a start. 

“Lower the taxes for lower income families. That will help a lot. Increase base pay wage for them too,” Sheehan said.

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