Micron Is Coming, And So Is A Need For Housing Micron Is Coming, And So Is A Need For Housing

With housing a potential challenge, Councilor Pat Hogan says the city is ready.

ZACH KOPELMAN: Computer chip manufacturer Micron has decided on building a new factory right here in Central New York. With a new major employer coming to the area, Curran Campbell reports how the city is preparing.

CURRAN CAMPBELL: The plant, which will be in Clay, will be outside of Syracuse city limits. That being said, Councilor Pat Hogan says there is one thing the city needs to take care of to prepare for Micron.

PAT HOGAN: I’m a long time Syracusan, and you basically, Syracuse is an infrastructure that used to serve almost 250 thousand people … all we need is the housing.

CURRAN CAMPBELL: Despite housing being a big challenge, Hogan is confident that the city is prepared for the task.

PAT HOGAN: We’d have to like tweak a few things, but with initiatives like we have, we have templates already established throughout the city … that already create neighborhoods.

CURRAN CAMPBELL: Micron chose Central New York over several other locations, including Texas. Curran Campbell, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Micron is coming. That’s been the big story in Central New York for the last few days. With the computer chip manufacturer making their way to the region, officials say all sorts of  economic opportunities arise.

But with opportunity, also comes challenges. While the plant will be in the Town of Clay, at least one city leader is very excited about the Micron’s arrival.

“It’s going to effect the whole community in a transformative way,” said Syracuse Common Councilor Pat Hogan. “I mean, you talk about every single thing, specifically housing.

A photo of Pat Hogan
Syracuse Common Councilor Pat Hogan said that this is the first project of it’s kind in the area in quite some time.
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“Which is something that being a city Councilor I’m very interested in,” he added. “I’m very pro-housing, we’ve launched a lot of housing initiatives since I’ve been on the council along with Councilor Allen here.”

And the cause for the housing concern is simple, more jobs and more people. Hogan elaborated as to what kinds of jobs he expects to come to the region, particularly construction in the near term.

“It’ll be a lot of good paying, union jobs,” said Hogan. “You know, all of them will of course be prevailing wage.

“And a lot of them you know, will probably exhaust the local supply of workers,” he added. “We’ll have workers from all over the country moving here. And we’ll have to accommodate them, we’ll have to house them.”

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