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CNY is going greener and new businesses are in store.

This is your N-C-C News Midday update.

Our top story today is how the C-N-Y community is going greener. A public hearing on climate goals for New York State will allow the community to voice their opinions. The state’s climate action council is leading the hearing for public input on the climate goals outlined under a new state law.

It’s a busy season for the C-N-Y community.

Food truck season is in full swing. Tomorrow kicks off a food truck Wednesday in the Great Northern Mall’s parking lot with 20 different trucks to choose from. This event will be every Wednesday through the month of October.

Local florists are getting ready for a big week. Mother’s day is around the corner as well as high school and college graduations.

Our parents always tell us to dream big, but sometimes our dreams are right Infront of us, or even in our fridge. Two Binghamton grads on the pre-med track and engineer found their calling in cheese. They recently opened a shop in Syracuse, bringing in local cheeses and unique ones around the country.

Happening around the world, Russia strikes again. Russian missiles hit five railway stations in the matter of an hour in Ukraine.

Just across the border Russia reported that a fire broke out at an oil storage facility on Russian soil… the cause of the fire is still unclear.

That’s the news mid-day. I’m Gabby Sartori, N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, NY  (NCC News)  —  New Yorkers sound off this afternoon about climate change at a public hearing at SUNY-ESF. A new cheese business is opening. And the latest from Ukraine and Russia.  Click above to learn  about all that and more on today’s NCC News Brief. from Gabby Sartori.

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