Monday Night Salsa Returns to Epicuse Monday Night Salsa Returns to Epicuse

Big salsa community welcomes all levels to dance

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — When the pandemic seems to subside, it’s now time to bring the Syracuse salsa community back together. Tasting room “Epicuse” located in downtown Syracuse hosts Monday Night Salsa events organized by Mark Capria.

Every Monday night from 6 to 9 p.m. anyone can master salsa dance moves. It’s completely free! Instructor-led session lasts the first hour, followed by the next two hours of uncontrolled fun. In case you need some fuel during dancing, Epicuse will gladly offer you food and drinks.

Even though the event is called Monday Night Salsa, its founder Mark Capria said all types of Latin dances have been implemented.

“What we do is, every week we rotate instructors,” said Capria. “One week we have an instructor who teaches salsa, and then the following week we learn bachata. So we learn a lot of different Latin dances.”

Remember, the dance floor is open for everyone! So, if you’ve never danced before or dancing is not your primary occupation, it’s okay! Dance instructor Robert Okun has a construction business as his main job; however, dancing is something he thinks about the second he wakes up every morning. 

“Salsa, Latin music… It changed my life,” Okun said. “It makes me happy every day, when I wake up, I just think about what I’m gonna do after work and it is dancing. Just come and dance, enjoy time with friends, and learn. Even though I teach dancing, I still learn something new every day.”

If you think you don’t have time for salsa, ask Okun’s dance partner Myla Bseirani how she can do it all! Co-owner and accountant at Life Amplified Solutions spa and a professional bodybuilder starts her day bright and early before she gets to Monday Night Salsa.

“You make time,” Bseirani said. “First thing in the morning, I get up at 4 a.m. and lift in my basement, then I deal with taxes, I work a lot of hours, and I add salsa to it. And I absolutely love it. It’s all about priorities.”

Still looking for ways to extend your weekend and make new friends? The answer is simple – Monday Night Salsa. 

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