Monster Jam Comes Back to Central New York Monster Jam Comes Back to Central New York

“Monster Jam is making its way to the Carrier Dome for the eighth consecutive spring.
N-C-C News’ Justin Paura has more as the Central New York community is gearing up for the annual event.”

“That monster truck is so so so so so so so cool!”

This little girl represents the feeling dozens of young children felt went they saw the 12,000 pound monster truck earlier today.
There will be about 34,000 more people just like her in the Carrier Dome Saturday night when Monster Jam is in full effect.
The main event is Saturday night at 6 p-m and features various races and freestyle competitions.
It’s the eighth year Monster Jam will be in Central New York’s most famous venue, but it is the first time Matthew Gaughan will be working the event here.
The New Jersey native is living his dream and is excited to finally work the event closer to home.

“This is my first year, I’ve really been loving it. We got to go to the west coast for my first time and now being back in Syracuse this is pretty much a home show for me.
Then I’ve dong racing since I was a young kid so it’s been in my blood forever to do this motor sports business.”

“This bad boy right here is El Toro Loco and its one of the 14 monster trucks you can see in the Carrier Dome this Saturday.”

El Toro Loco stands at a massive 13 feet tall and 16 feet wide.
Tons of locals shopping in the area stopped and took pictures with the truck as it was parked in front of the Metro P-C-S as the company and Monster Jam have had a business relationship for the past four years.
With the event being at the Carrier Dome, there is always concern if the event will serve as a distraction to students.
However, it seems like the event is being treated similarity to anything that takes place in the venue.

“I don’t think it’s that much of an issue as long as a lot of students like to go, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

Tickets to the show Saturday are going for as cheap as 35 dollars at box-office-ticket-dot-center.

Justin Paura, N-C-C News.

By Justin Paura SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– 

Since 2011, Syracuse hosted a Monster Jam event each year inside the Carrier Dome. The live motorsport event tour is back in town this week as the event takes place inside Central New York’s most famous venue this Saturday night. The event takes place Saturday night at 6p.m. and will include various different races and freestyle competitions.

While the event isn’t until a couple more days, the trucks are already in town for member of the CNY community to see. Two trucks were on display for people to see and take pictures with today, one of which named “El Toro Loco Ice” sat in the parking lot of the Shop City Shopping Center in Syracuse.

El Toro Loco Ice stands at a massive 13-feet tall and 16-feet wide while weighing around 12,000 pounds. It is one of 14 trucks that will be in Saturday night’s show.

This is not only an exciting event for those wanting to see crazy monster truck action, but also for one Matthew Gaughan. Gaughan is a New Jersey native and has been working with Monster Jam for the past six months. He tells NCC News that his new job has taken him to some unique places, but he seems thrilled to be back in the Northeast.

“I’ve really been loving [this job],” Gaughan said. “We got to go to the west coast for my first time, but now being back here in Syracuse, it’s pretty much a home show for me.”

The anticipated crowd for Saturday in the Carrier Dome is 34,000 people, according to Feld Entertainment. Tickets are on sale online or through the Carrier Dome Box Office with prices ranging from $35-$220.

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