Nature’s Little Explorers Are Out on the Fields of Marcellus Nature's Little Explorers Are Out on the Fields of Marcellus

MARCELLUS, N.Y. (NCC News) — Nature’s Little Explorers program at Baltimore Wood Nature Center has been around for about 18 years now. Every month is dedicated to a different theme; November is Slime Sleuths. However, the first day of November didn’t quite involve all the slimy things this year. Instead, children and their parents explored the fields today. 

“Getting the kids involved with the restoration project,” said Anna Stunkel, the Environmental Educator at Baltimore Woods Nature Center. “Here it used to be an agricultural corn field, and now we are converting it into a field with native plants, like dog bean, milkweed, goldenrod…”

While Stunkel talked about various programs at the Baltimore Woods, she emphasized that doors are open for everyone.

“We do have scholarships available for kids to come who might not otherwise be able to pay for the camp,” said Stunkel. “Which is really great, because we wanna have this accessible to anybody who wants to come out here and enjoy nature.”

From a parent’s perspective like Danielle Montagne, there were a couple of factors that made her choose this program over the others. 

“Well, we were always drawn to nature exploration, and getting the kids outside, especially when they are younger. This program also helps me to get outside, so that was a huge component,” Montagne said. “And we’ve kinda stuck with it. My older son is now doing the homeschool program for the older kids and Isi (Danielle’s daughter) will probably continue until she is old enough to move on. So it’s a nice bridge to other programs they have.”

Even though December is right around the corner, visitors of the Baltimore Woods Nature Center can still enjoy the outdoors without a winter coat on. And if the weather doesn’t bring you the Christmas spirit, the Baltimore Woods upcoming events will sure do. “Caroling in the Woods” is happening on Dec. 10 and is free to attend.

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