NCC News Brief: June 7, 2022 NCC News Brief: June 7, 2022

Central New Yorkers love to support charities, especially when it means they can put on their running shoes. Paige’s Butterfly Run raised $30,000 to help local pediatric cancer research and programs. For many of those 5k runners, the chance to support a great cause and get a work out in too is a great deal.

This week is National CPR and AED Awareness Week and heart health is nothing to leave to chance. And, one Syracuse basketball player knows this all too well after being diagnosed with  hypo-cardiomyopathy his senior year of high school. The news putting an end to his D-1 plans to play in college. Luckily, for Moss, he was given a second chance. However with 450,000 American dying by cardiac arrest each year, the push to learn CPR and AED is at an all time high.

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