NCC News Brief — Nov. 4, 2020 NCC News Brief -- Nov. 4, 2020

Have a few minutes? Get caught up on what is happening in Central New York and New York State by listening to the NCC News Brief.

DOUG CORTESE: Good afternoon and welcome to NCC News, I’m Doug Cortese. Lets get right to the race for the White House. Joe Biden holds a narrow lead in Michigan and Wisconsin with 95 percent of the votes reported according to the Associated Press. Trump is winning in North Carolina and Georgia with 94 percent of votes counted. In the electoral college, Biden leads Trump 238 to 213 in the race to 270. In new York’s 24th Congressional district Republican John Katko holds a 55,00 vote lead over Democrat Dana Balter. Onondaga county board of elections chairman Dustin Czarny says there are still mail in ballots to count.

DUSTIN CZARNY: We had 54,000 absentee returned so far, we had 14,000 in the entire 2016 election so were in an unprecedented time.

DOUG CORTESE: New guidelines for travelers coming into New York are are in effect today. People coming from out of state can now test out of a two week quarantine by getting a negative test result 3 days before leaving their state. They’ll need another negative test result after quarantining in New York for 3 days. Travelers staying in New York for less than 24 hours do not need to quarantine. For all your local news visit and be sure to tune in at 4:00 and 4:45 for up to the minute coverage across central New York. Thanks for checking out the NCC news podcast, I’m Doug Cortese.

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