New Business and More Traffic At the Marshalls Plaza in Dewitt New Business and More Traffic At the Marshalls Plaza in Dewitt

DEWITT, N.Y. (NCC News) – The Marshalls Plaza in Dewitt has experience substantial growth over the last year. These new businesses are making the plaza more congested.

Business opened in the plaza in the past six months:

There is a reason things are tight in the parking lot.

“They’re short in the sense that they don’t meet our town code,” said Andrew Worden, director of planning and zoning for the town of Dewitt.

For a shopping center this size, the town of Dewitt requires roughly 1,500 spaces. However, the town of Dewitt approved approximately 1,300 parking spots.

“They were going to try to enforce getting the employees to park in the back in the building where no one’s really parked back there,” Worden said.

The town also reasoned that the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialist located next to the plaza only has a full parking lot during the day. Therefore, when the customers and employees of that business leave for the day, parking spaces open, Worden said.

Jim Longo is an employee at The Ski Company. The Ski Company has had a store front in the plaza for twelve years.

Longo said it is more difficult to find parking in the mornings since the new businesses opened. Employees are now asked to leave premium parking spots near the store open for customer convince.

Despite the parking difficulties, the new traffic is helping The Ski Company.

“In general just the amount of traffic that comes through here, it’s certainly at least double if not more,” Longo said.

New properties are in the works and more businesses will be opening within the next year.

“From a retail standpoint. I don’t think it’s ever too much,” Longo said.



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