New Clothing Company Partners With Syracuse Rescue Mission New Clothing Company Partners With Syracuse Rescue Mission

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-  While the cold may have already arrived, the holiday season is vastly approaching here in Central New York. This means it is the busiest time of year for one local organization, the Syracuse Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission is an organization that provides many different necessities to those that aren’t as fortunate as others, such as food, clothing and shelter. Some of the items that the shelter primarily collects during this time of year are:

  • Food
  • Coats
  • Boots
  • Toys

“We do see a lot more of our beds get filled,” said Tori Shires, the chief development officer at the rescue mission. “We see a greater need of hats, boots, coats and gloves. The essentials that you and I might take for granted that others genuinely need to survive the Syracuse winter.”

Shires also touched on how big of a difference a small donation can make to those in need.

“It costs us about $2.34 for every meal we serve,” Shires said. “So with a donation of $23.34, you can easily serve 10 people, and you can serve 10 people who might not otherwise have had a meal.”

The mission is also preparing for the holidays.

“Our kitchen is the busiest it will be,” Shires said. “Our staff is doing a wonderful job. We are currently preparing Thanksgiving meals, and will deliver over 2,000 meals to Central New Yorkers this Thanksgiving Day.”

The Rescue Mission does get a lot of help from local businesses throughout the area, but they are getting help from one new local business this year.


The SYR Clothing Co. LLC is a company that just launched, and is donating part of their profits from their sales to the Rescue Mission.

Matt and Taylor Sourwine are the founders of the new company. They launched the company because they wanted to create a positive brand representing the Syracuse area.

They have recently partnered with the Rescue Mission for the months of November and December, meaning part of their profits will go towards the Rescue Mission during this busy holiday season.

“We feel so blessed that we are able to help,” Taylor Sourwine said. “Even if it’s just a little bit, we feel that it’s important to help out around this time of year.”

“We have known about the Rescue Mission for years now,” Matt Sourwine said. “We know the great work that they do for the community, and we believe this partnership is perfect for these two months.”

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