New Vaccine To Fight Opioid Epidemic New Vaccine To Fight Opioid Epidemic

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Devin works a full time job at a moving company. A few years back that wouldn’t have been possible because one poor decision led to years of addiction
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(“At the peak I was doing at least one bundle a day which is 10 bags. And I would say the second you wake up in the morning you have to do one or you’re going to be sick.”)
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Sickness leads to death. The numbers are staggering. Opioids kill as many as 130 Americans every day. 5 people — every hour. In Syracuse, 75 people died in just 9 months.
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(“You can walk into your church or you can walk into your workplace, or you can walk in anywhere, and say, “Everyone here who’s been touched IV drug abuse, raise your hands.” And there will people raising their hands that you would be very surprised that it could somehow enter into their life.”)
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(“I’ve had about four of my friends die. That I knew three overdose and one person hung himself. Every one of them said that they couldn’t get off of it. The one kid who hung himself in his closet said that he could never get off of it and now is that he did that to himself and the other three died with a fentanyl in heroin.”)
Now, researchers have developed a vaccine, similar to those for polio or small pox, which makes recipients immune to the effects of opioids.
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(“They started doing some initial testing in test tubes and things like that and then they moved onto rats and mice and it looked good.”)
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A vaccine for opioids has never been made before and it could be open for a volunteer based trial as early as next year. First the Federal Drug Administration has to approve the formula. Even though he is clean he could still use the vaccine. Devin was a college student when his girlfriend broke up with him and friends convinced him
drugs would help make him feel better. So he gave it a try.
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(“Not 2 seconds go by and you’re just pow. You
get hit from the chest right to the top of the head just like just hit you from here and just goes right to your head. And it’s just instant pleasure. Instant euphoria.”)
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To stay high he stole computers which eventually put him in the lowest place in his life..jail.
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(“I started reflecting like dude how the hell did you get here. Like what happened to you.”)
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He was determined to become drug free, start a career, and make a lot of money.
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(“But now I just concentrate on not dying so I can enjoy it”)
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A vaccine would give Devin, and thousands of other struggling addicts, the chance at a longer drug‐free life. Kendra Sheehan N‐C‐C

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