Next I-81 Meeting will Halt Concerns over Congestion Next I-81 will Halt Concerns over Congestion

By Nick Kuzma, Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)- The Moving People Transportation Coalition will host “Conversation for Win-Win with the I-81” tonight at Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church.

There have been concerns that access to University Hill would be an issue if construction on I-81 would commence.

Peter Sarver, who is the convener for the Coalition, says this should not be worried about because there will be exits at Crouse, for those coming from the east/west, and exits at Irving for those coming from the north/south.

“We think this is a dynamic improvement, actually, and all the nonsense about congestion is in fact going to be proved to be– just that, said Sarver, “because these new exits are going to relieve the pressure point[s] [that have existed].”

The church that the meeting will be held at is located at 5299 Jamesville Road.

Many of these type of events have taken place at churches throughout the the region.

“[Various volunteer groups associated with the I-81 decision] have believed that churches are the repository of social values, public values and that might be a venue where we could gather together an audience, to some degree, from the congregation, but also from the neighbors that surround those congregations.”

The meeting will address I-81 concerns that effect both city dwellers and suburbanites, however, Sarver thinks attendance at this meeting will be low, just like other meetings in the past.

“People are just tired and people have a lot of things that compel their attention. I think its unfortunate that people don’t understand that this is a real opportunity for them to insert some changes.”

The chance for Central New Yorkers to voice their opinions on these issues is at 7:00 pm.

NCC News Reporter Calvin Dudley was a contributor to this article.

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