OCC Student Athlete Transitions To United States OCC Student Athlete Transitions To United States

Jeremy Attrill moved from Australia to be a student Athlete at OCC.

Jeremy Attrill was born in Australia, but moved to Syracuse after being recruited by Onondaga Community College for tennis. Australia is one of many countries that do not allow students to pursue higher education and athletics simultaneously.

However, since he was a child, Jeremy knew that he wanted to play tennis at the collegiate level and he was determined to make his dream come true. He posted videos to YouTube and even crafted a profile that detailed different awards and accolades that he received.

“New York was just one of a few places I was looking to play tennis, but I knew I wanted to come to America,” Attrill said.

Attrill said many other international students including himself look to travel to the United States to play sports because of the facilities and being able to play at a more competitive level and still be in school.

Although Attrill came to OCC to start as as a student athlete, there were some adjustments that he had to make because Australia and the United States aren’t  similar.

“The weather was one of the biggest obstacles to get used to, because it doesn’t snow where I am from, and the first day I arrived in January it was snowing,” said Attrill. “Also, moving away from my friends has been hard especially when I still see them having fun almost everyday.”

Attrill speaks to his friends and family via FaceTime on a weekly basis to see what they are doing and update them with what he’s doing.

One way that he has been able to combat the barriers of being away from home is by becoming involved on campus. Through two recommendations from his head coach, Attrill has become a resident advisor on campus and a member of the Student Athlete Leadership Council at OCC.

The meeting location for the Student Athlete Leadership Council
Meeting location for the Student Athlete Leadership Council.
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These two positions have allowed him to meet more people on campus and even develop a routine that helps him get through each day. This routine consists of class, practicing on improving his game, and working as a resident advisor.

He is ready to compete with his team and win nationals this upcoming season.

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