Pizza Restaurant Sales Increase Since Syracuse Mets Partnership Syracuse Mets Introduce Local Favorites At NBT Bank Stadium

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — With the addition of local food options at NBT Bank Stadium, the home of the Syracuse Mets, fans are finally getting a taste of places they might have otherwise not visited. Amongst those restaurants chosen to sell food is Pavone’s Pizza, which holds four total locations throughout New York.

Pavone’s Pizza has been around for over 50 years, but getting a chance to work with the Syracuse Mets is once in a lifetime, according to the owner of the downtown Syracuse Pavone’s, Randall Hon. Hon also emphasized the fact that many people will check out Pavone’s now due to the exposure they’ll get from Mets games.

“This is just the beginning, weathers been kind of  cold, two games got canceled this week,” said Hon.  “I think you’ll start to see the influx of people that maybe didn’t have Pavone’s before or knew where our location was at, you’ll start to see that change over the coming months.”

Hon owns two of the four locations in Central New York and is looking to add a third under his ownership.

The partnership isn’t just beneficial for the Mets and Pavone’s, though, said director of broadcast and media relations, Michael Tricarico. It also benefits the fans and the other restaurant the Mets have partnered with, Danny’s Steaks.

“To be able to have those options, it certainly is a mutually beneficial relationship and you know, it helps our fans, it helps us out, and we like to think it certainly helps both Pavones and Danny’s steaks get some exposure,” said Hon.

Tricarico serves as the play by play announcer for the Mets, so he hasn’t been able to stop and grab a bite from either concession yet, but he joked about some visitors they’ve gotten.

“The visiting broadcasters from Scranton visited Pavone’s Pizza more than once during the week and they certainly enjoyed it,” said Tricarico.

Pavone’s and Danny’s are just two of many food options at NBT Bank Stadium, along with typical baseball eatery, such as peanuts, popcorn, and hot dogs.

The Pavone’s concession can be found on the third base side of the stadium, where they will operate through every home game the Mets play at NBT Bank Stadium. Hon is hopeful that fans will try the pizza just once during the season.

The Mets return home next Tuesday, April  19, for a six-game-series.


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