Police Enhance Relationships With The Community Police Are Making Efforts To Promote Better Relationships with Communities

Marsha Augustin (Reporter):

Millions of people in neighborhoods throughout the United States take part in National Night Out. It’s an effort to make communities safer and a more caring place to live. Jon Seeber says, it’s a great opportunity for people to connect with the officers that serve their community and not be afraid.

Jon Seeber:

“We want to have a relationship with those children out there and make sure they are not scared of the police for whatever reason, that we’re here to help.”

Marsha Augustin (Reporter):

Seeber says, police need community partnerships to help them do their job.

Jon Seeber:

“Without the public it’s not always easy to solve crimes that are committed but it also helps us teach them about how to protect themselves from becoming a victim.”

Marsha Augustin (Reporter):

Denika Mesa mother of five says, it’s important to see police in a community environment.

Denika Mesa:

“It takes away any scary or anything we might have perceived.”

Marsha Augustin (Reporter):

Marsha Augustin N-C-C News.

By Marsha Augustin, Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – Millions of people in neighborhoods throughout all 50 states take part in National Night Out.

It’s an annual event that takes place the first Tuesday in August. National Night Out promotes building police and community camaraderie to make neighborhoods safer and a more caring place to live.

National Night out in Syracuse is held by the Onondaga Sherriff’s Department and the City of Syracuse Police Department. There’s food, beverages, games for kids, police equipment and a chance to meet specialized police teams such as the SWAT and Diving teams.

Enhancing the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement is important to make sure the community is not afraid of the police, said Jon Seeber, Onondaga Sheriff’s Sergeant of Public Information.

He said iIt’s a great opportunity to bring police and the people in the community they serve to get together and interact with each other.

Partnerships with people and police are important and the department strongly encourages it.

“People are a great asset in helping solve crimes,” Seeber said.

Syracuse law enforcement has Tip lines, Tip emails and the Tip 41 app available to help the community and police work together.

Denaka Mesa said events like National Night Out are important for her kids to see police as positive community leaders.

“This lets them know they can get help from police if they need it,” Mesa said.

“Seeing police in a friendly community environment takes away any scary or anything we might have perceived,” she  added.


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