Potential Syracuse Cloud Cover, Traffic Scares Loom As Total Eclipse Nears Potential Cloud Cover, Traffic Scares Loom As Total Eclipse Nears

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is right around the corner. This rare event will stretch from Mexico and Texas to Western New York on April 8.

“I can’t stress enough just how exceedingly rare this event is for any one location on Earth,” said Mark Pellerito, a National Weather Service Binghamton warning coordination meteorologist. “The average time it takes to have a total solar eclipse repeat is more than 350 years. This is a less than once in a lifetime event.”

With all of the anticipation surrounding this phenomenon, questions are rising surrounding traffic.

“Think about what happens when you’re watching the fireworks and everybody leaves at the same time,” said Pellerito. “But instead of one city, you’re talking about an entire region with millions of people. All of a sudden everybody leaving at the same time, as soon as totality is done.”

Despite the flock of people going to Central New York, they’re skipping Syracuse hotels. Jason Mock, Sheraton Syracuse University general manager, expects a lot of people to “head to Buffalo and Rochester instead” where the totality time is expected to last longer.


The 2024 total solar eclipse path of totality.
© 2024 Nico Horning

Pellerito said that Syracuse can expect totality to last one minute to a minute and a half. Although the sky will become dark in that short time frame, will it be blue or gray?

“I really think it just depends on the weather,” said Kat Trouge, an administrator for the NASA Night Sky Network. “It’s April 8, so it might be a little bit overcast here in the northeast corridor.”

April 8, 2023 was a perfect bluebird day.

Another interesting note is while Syracuse will have totality, those in Utica are technically out of the path of totality with only 99.7% blockage.

The question of whether it’ll be sunny or cloudy during the afternoon of April 8 remains to be seen.

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