Preaching Pride to the Choir Preaching Pride to the Choir

NICOLE: Behind these sacred walls, everyone is welcome.

MARK MILLER: “We’ll take you in here.”

NICOLE: Especially if you love to sing.

SUZE CLEMONZ: “It was for me to sing with people I identify with.”

NICOLE: Each Monday night, the Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus is ready to share their pride, through music.

JEAN SWANGER: “For a lot of people, joining this group was the first way they basically had to come out to the public.

NICOLE: This chorus is all inclusive, all the time. It’s a safe space for singers to be themselves.

DANIEL MCMASTER: “I mean, I was closeted for my whole life. I had nothing.”

NICOLE: Having a chorus like this one in Central New York is extremely rare. Out of all 270,000 choruses nationwide, only 200 are LGBTQ+. That’s less than 1%.

TEAGAN PEACOCK: “Having representation and a community within Central New York is just so important for our members, so important for our community to be able to see that we’re here.”

BRIAN ACKLES: “One, two, softly go.”

NICOLE: Brian Ackles is the conductor of this group. He’s seen how they’re not so worried about finding that perfect pitch – but more about building that perfect community.

BRIAN: “Wherever you want to sing. Wherever you fit in our choir. You fit and come join us.”

NICOLE: Jean – met her wife here.

JEAN: “We’ve been together 30 years. And we basically met here at Chorus.”

NICOLE: Mark? He’s found lifelong friends.

MARK: “All of my friends in Syracuse are from this group or related to it.”

NICOLE: And it’s given Daniel – a family.

DANIEL: “It’s what I didn’t have.”

NICOLE: This chorus is made up of so many different voices that all sing the same song. Accepting who you are can be beautiful. Reporting in Syracuse, Nicole Aponte. NCC News.

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