Preparing to Vote: What You Need to Bring With You Preparing to Vote At The Polls

Preparing voters on what they can and can not bring into the polls.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Election Day is weeks away and voters in Onondaga County are getting ready to cast their ballots.  If it is your first time voting, there are a few extra items you will need to bring with you. The Democratic Elections Commissioner says you will need to prove who you say you are.

“There’s several things that act as ID, of course your driver’s license acts as ID, your lease, a utility bill with your name and address on it acts as ID, said Dustin Czarny.

As long as the document you provide has your name AND address, it should be accepted as a valid form of ID.

While first time voters need to provide ID, that isn’t the same for everyone.

“If you voted before in New York all we need is your signature, we will compare it to your signature on file,” said Czarny.

When it comes to what isn’t allowed, it follows the same guidelines most places in the county use. No guns, drugs, weapons, alcohol, etc… Another thing that is not allowed for all voters when going to the polls is apparel with the name of current candidates on the ballot.

“If you wore a Trump shirt you can do that, he is not on the ballot this year or Biden. If you were to say bring in a Francis Conole shirt or a Brandon Williams sticker, you’d be asked to cover that up before being allowed to vote,” said Czarny.

Moreover, going to cast your ballot on election day should be an easy process as long as you don’t bring in items that will prohibit you from voting and if you are a first time voter make sure to have your driver’s license or a valid from of ID so you can vote.


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