Residents In Caly Concerned Over Chip Plant Residents Concerned Over Chip Plant in Clay

(CLAY, N.Y.) NCC News — The White Pines Commerce Park could bring thousands of jobs to the Central New York area. However for the chip manufacturing plant to be constructed as currently outlined the county would have to displace people currently living on Burnet Road in Clay.

All the residents on Burnet road have been sent letters asking to purchase their homes. Paul and Robin Richer have lived on Burnet road their entire life. They do not want to sell their home.

Save Burnet Road Signs
Residents on Brunet Road have lawn signs in their front lawn.
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White Pines Commerce Park
A chip plant would be built in Clay, N.Y.
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“It’s been our life, it’s been our childhood, it’s been our children’s lives, it’s everything to us,” Robin Richer said.

“Well, it keeps you on edge. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. You lose a little bit of sleep,” Paul Richer said.

County legislators said the project could bring thousands to Central New York and increase tax revenue.

17th District Representative Linda Ervin said she is trying to weigh both sides of the project.

“If in the long run, it appears this project would be much more beneficial to this county than we ever thought of then I might say I’ve got to go that, but I haven’t made that decision yet, it’s still early,” Ervin said.

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