Running Through Life One Mile at a Time Running Through Life One Mile at a Time

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Earlier this week NCC News reported about the Work Force Run at Onondaga Lake Park, the race saw over 2,000 different runners representing 110 companies. But one runner NCC News did not report on is a part of the NCC News family and was responsible for representing Newhouse during the 5K run.

Neal Coffey is the manager of operations and engineering at Newhouse and he has logged nearly 90,000 miles since he started running five decades ago. After finishing 37th overall in the Work Force Run NCC News spoke to its very own star distance runner.

Reporter Matt Kibby sat down with Neal Coffey. Here’s an excerpt of their interview:

Matt Kibby: Why running?

Neal Coffey:  I’ve always been a proponent of health and fitness, and for me, a big part of my life is running.

MK: What is one thing people should know about the community?

NC: Runners really support one another. I had some friends that really inspired me to run marathons.

MK: What is one thing people do not realize about running competitively?

NC: When kids come along, you don’t have 3 hours to train a day.

MK: What is your most memorable race?

NC: For me,  the most memorable race was a race I ran with my kids.  All three of my kids.

MK: Your proudest moment in life?

NC: My proudest moment, I’m going to tear up, because it was when my daughter graduated.

MK: How long do you see yourself running?

NC: I hope to be running into my 70s and 80s and yeah, even if it’s just, you know, if you have to drag me to the track and tell me to go straight and turn left.

Just after finishing the Syracuse Work Force Run, Coffey is already training for his next event later this summer. Coffey runs every day at lunch during the work day and he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

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