Salvation Army Creating New Programs For Gang Related Youth Salvation Army Creating New Programs For Gang Related Youth

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Salvation Army, fed up with gang violence on the streets of Syracuse, has decided to create outreach programs for gang related youth. Keeping kids off of the streets remains a priority for the city and these new programs will help change kids’ lives.

Supervisor Marett Seymour, director of the Syracuse chapter, says funding plays a vital part of keeping the community safe.

Seymour says the group, “applied for some grants for some different things to enhance our (anti) gang violence work. Our street outreach money, it’s fairly new.”

Seymour adds that being able to have a lot of unique outreach programs benefit the young adults.

“We have (a) runaway homeless shelter, the only one in the county, called Booth House for ages 13 to 17,” she says.

Seymour made it clear that the Salvation Army outreach programs support young people and she believes no matter what youth are going through their lives can change.

“The biggest impact you have (as) an adult,” Seymour says, is that if a young adult is “going through something right now, if you’re having trouble in school, if you’re having trouble at home, if you’re going through a mental health crisis, this is just a drop in the bucket of time. And that as time goes on, you can see that your life can improve.”

Seymour believes the Salvation Army will continue to do its best to help as many gang related young adults get off the streets as it can.

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