Sarah’s Guest House Receives More Donations From Businesses Sarah's Guest House Gets More Donations

The non-profit used to receive more donations from individuals

Sarah’s Guest House has been serving the Central New York community for almost 25 years by providing a home to people who come from outside of the area in search of medical treatment. As a non-profit, the house benefits from donations, both monetary and in items of need. However, recently the organization has noticed an increase in the amount of donations it receives from other businesses. In the past, the tendency used to be that the bulk of the donations would come from individuals.

Renee McCaffrey, Development Specialist at Sarah’s Guest House, said the non-profit has put more work into getting their name out into the community. “A lot of it is just letting people know what we’re about,” she said. “The more we do that, it seems like it seems like it comes back to us.”


Articles featuring Sarah's Guest House
Articles in the Manlius Hills Living have given exposure to Sarah’s Guest House in the east side of Syracuse.
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Last week, Teaspoons and Tablespoons Family Nutritional Services came to the house to plant a vegetable garden. Their mission is to help people with illnesses start a healthy diet. McCaffrey said this is a perfect example of how they are getting other organizations in the community to impact their houseguests.

Even though he has only been working at Sarah’s Guest House for a month, new Executive Director David Haas said he wants to elevate the non-profit’s brand.

“We are not that well-known in the area, which is understandable because you wouldn’t hear from us if you didn’t have to utilize us,” he said. “But it’s important to have them as part of our family because they impact the experience of the guests.”

The Executive Director said the house does not have a streamline in regards to what it needs and when, but the staff does put together a wish list. One of his goals is to create guidelines so that businesses that donate know where their donations are going and who they are benefiting. Haas said he wants to share the stories on how those items are helping the people in need.

Some organizations that have recently donated to Sarah’s Guest House are:

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