Small and Sturdy Small and Sturdy: How a local business has thrived despite itcomings

By Alexandra Jennerjahn, FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Four Seasons Golf and Ski in Fayetteville was given a “small” distinction that has propelled them into the national spotlight.

25 years ago, Four Seasons was named the smallest ski location in the country, but that didn’t keep the business from find ways to increase revenue and remain a community centric place.

“In about 2001 we added the batting cages,” Operations Manager Bill Hane said. “We’ve added things over the years, and improved things.”

Since earning their distinction, the ski location has also added a mini-golf course and golf driving range, making Four Seasons a place for families and people hoping to learn snow sports.

“Our core skiers are beginners — between 5 and 12 years old — that have never skied before.” Hane said.

For many parents, the location’s small-town feel and small hills make them comfortable with treating the business as a sort of daycare.

“They can bring their kids. A lot of times they’ll drop them off, and maybe they’ll go down to Target or something and shop for an hour, then come back and pick them up,” Hane said.

Being named the smallest ski location in the country could be disheartening, but Four Seasons is a place that has thrived because of neighborly feel.

“A few of our residents up there, it literally is a backyard slope for them,” Hane said.


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