Some Say Reports of Crime at Destiny Mall Impossible to Ignore Destiny Mall's Crime Issue is Becoming Impossible to Ignore

The shooting this past weekend left workers and shoppers feeling unsafe.

CONCORDIA: With two shootings and two armed robberies occurring within a month, destiny mall’s security issue has become evident. Mall stores are beginning to suffer now that foot traffic is decreasing. Destiny outlet store manager Maria Galuppo is concerned that if crimes keep happening, businesses will leave if there are no customers.

GALUPPO: The recent crimes at destiny have negatively affected both my business and employee attendance at my store. our biggest customers are usually high school students and their parents are now afraid to let them come to the mall unaccompanied.

CONCORDIA: People who were in the mall at the time of this past weekend’s shooting were told to evacuate. Syracuse university student Will Manning is not sure if he will continue to visit destiny mall.

MANNING: Definitely being in the mall when there was an active shooter just around the corner was a very unsafe and unputting feeling for both myself and my grandparents. I am definitely on edge about shopping there and have looked into online shopping.

CONCORDIA: If crime continues, many will begin to find alternate places to fulfill their shopping needs.
For N-C-C News, I’m Noah Concordia

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News Destiny Mall has been notoriously known for having a lot of crime. This past weekend, in the second occurrence in three weeks, shots were reportedly fired inside the mall.

As a result, there has been a noticeable decrease in shoppers this week, creating a lack of business for the mall’s outlet stores. Maria Galuppo, a Destiny store manager,  has seen a major decline in foot traffic and overall revenue.

“I think the mall traffic will continue to decline,” Galuppo said. “Businesses will eventually just keep leaving as long as the crime continues to happen because the mall continues to sweep everything under the rug.”

To go along with a lack of customers, there have also been issues with employee attendance. Galuppo has had several employees call out of workdays because of their safety concerns.

Syracuse University student Will Manning was enjoying dinner with his grandparents when he was told to evacuate the mall because of an active shooter. This incident, along with a reported robbery of Juli Boeheim, has caused Manning to consider alternatives for shopping and dining.

“I have definitely looked into online shopping, it might be where I continue to acquire my shopping needs,” Manning said. “And somewhere closer to Marshall Street if I’m looking for a better meal.” He also believes the shooting will make his peers feel less inclined to visit Destiny as well.

The mall, Syracuse police, and the mayor’s office will be meeting this week to analyze different strategies on how to revamp Destiny’s security efforts.

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