Spring Break Brings Shoppers to Stores at Destiny Mall Spring Break Brings Shoppers to Stores at Destiny Mall

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – It’s spring break time. School was out starting Monday, which gave many people an opportunity to go shop at Destiny Mall. Most stores could be busier than usual this week. Speakers Electronics General Manager Dedo Tahir explained how he expects this week to compare to a normal business week.

“Monday through Thursday it’s kind of slow just in general, people are at work, school and stuff, so um we probably get about like 150-200 walk-ins during those- during that time period,” Tahir said.

Tahir expects to see between 500 and 1,000 customers this week. Tahir said customers who come in this week can expect to pay between $250 and $970 for items like speakers, helmets, and those large toy cars every kid seemed to have growing up.

Some other stores, like University Sports Store, haven’t gotten many visitors yet. Cashier Terry Burke is hopeful things will pick up later in the week.

“Not too busy yet, but we’re still hoping,” Burke said. “It’s nice out, people want to be outside.”

Burke said all money made during this week will go toward paying the staff at this store and its sister store, Manny’s. Burke said all items such as T-shirts are start off at $15.

It’s worth nothing these are just two of the stores in the mall, and many other stores could have different experiences this spring break. We reached out to the mall as a whole for comments on how many people they’d think would show up during the week, but we never heard back.

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