SU Commemorates 150th Anniversary With Exhibition of Traditions SU Commemorates 150th Anniversary

SYRACUSE, N.Y.(NCCNews) — This year marks the 150th anniversary of Syracuse University. To celebrate, there’s a new exhibition on campus that is aiming to connect the university’s past with its present.The collection is located on the 6th floor of bird library and features over 100 items which include photos, vintage freshmen beanies, and even an old marching band uniform.


“I think one of the things that you can learn from the collection is that there are traditions that are no longer around and there are traditions that have endured over decades, even a hundred years. There are traditions that are fairly new and it shows how the university has let some traditions go aside because they don’t reflect our values anymore. We have embraced other traditions because they do reflect our values” said Meg Mason, the exhibit’s curator.

Mason said she enjoys how the collection allows students to connect to the university’s history. 

“I get excited when people can connect with history. Being able to see what dorms looked like back in the day. Being able to see I live here now, I go to school here now, this is what life was like back then, being able to see what campus looked like they make that connection and I enjoy bringing that connection to them” said Mason.

Some of the collection’s rarest items are being taken out of their cases today in an effort to preserve them but, they will be back out on display in March.  

The exhibition is open from 9am to 5pm now until commencement on may 9th.

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