SU Fraternity Brothers Are Urging People To See The Good Fraternities Can Bring To Campus SU Fraternity Brother Urges People To See The Good Fraternities Can Bring

Syracuse, N.Y (NCC News) — Ohio University suspended all 15 of its fraternities after receiving allegations of widespread hazing last week. Last year, Collin Waint, an Ohio University Freshman, died after inhaling nitrous oxide as a form of hazing.

Over the past year, many hazing allegations have come out at multiple universities all over the country including at Syracuse University.

Last year, Syracuse University’s Theta Tau Fraternity was permanently removed from campus after video footage was leaked of the men acting out a racist, anti-Semitic skit and pretending to sexually assault a disabled person as a form as part of their hazing process.

In light of recent events, fraternity members want people to see the good that fraternities can bring to campus.

“Some people support the Boys and Girls Club, some people support veterans, we are all having philanthropies and fundraisers to gain money and spread awareness of our charities and make sure that everyone knows that we care more than what happens in the walls of these houses,” said Issac Rudolfker, a member of a fraternity at Syracuse University. “We love to give back. We all love to mingle and we love to go to each others philanthropies just to show support because we are all one Greek family.”

Rudolfker said his fraternity is the reason he made lifelong friends at college and would be devastated if Syracuse University took action against its greek organizations like Ohio University has.

According to the Syracuse University Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs,  SU is  “committed to promoting an environment that fosters respect for the dignity and rights of all its community members.”

“I genuinely believe that they are doing a good job with making sure that the frats and the fraternities don’t engage in different kinds of hazings,” said Rudolfker. “There’s different workshops that they hold, people go to seminars, people stay very informed about the dangers of hazing and what that can be and I just feel like here no one needs to go that far to be in a fraternity.”

Syracuse university has suspended, expelled, or investigated 12 of its fraternal organizations since the beginning of last year.

If you or anyone you know has been hazed, you can call the anti-hazing hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293).

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