Supply Chain Issues May Delay Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Supply Chain Issues Could Affect Charging Stations

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — New York State will eliminate vehicle emissions by 2035. To achieve the goal, New York will see an increase in the number of charging stations throughout the state. There are over 3,000 charging stations in New York. The long-term goal is to have 30,000 by 2035. Barry Carr, the Coalition Director of Clean Communities of Central New York said the cost is being funded by the infrastructure bill.

“In the BIL legislation, the infrastructure bill, there is two trillion dollars that is set aside,” said Carr. “And that two trillion dollars is to pay for about 80% of the cost of putting in the infrastructure.”

The plan isn’t just to increase the number of charging stations, but to place them at key points along the highway and interstate. This is to make charging stations more accessible in traffic heavy areas.

However, supply chain issues could slow down the state’s progress. Specifically, the delay will slow down the placement of charging stations on the highways. Carr said to anticipate this delay, there is an emphasis on preparing for the future.

“If we can’t get the equipment for a year so what,” said Carr. “Go ahead with the plan, go ahead and acquire the land, go ahead and sign contracts where you’re going to install them.”

Out of the 30,000 charging stations, 20,000 will be DC fast chargers. This will enable electric vehicles to be charged within 15 minutes.


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