Syracuse Airport Preparing For Holiday Travel Syracuse Airport Preparing For Holiday Travel

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Traveling is something we took for granted before the pandemic, the Syracuse airport is one of many airports implementing new safety procedures to keep travelers safe, especially as we approach Thanksgiving.

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(CG: Ashley Win/ Recently Traveled Through SYR Airport)
NAME:Ashley Win
INCUE:But honestly Syracuse
OUTCUE:Wasn’t too scary

(“But honestly Syracuse wasn’t too bad because there weren’t a lot of people flying out when I was flying out of there and things are pretty much spread out and like taking the right precaution so it wasn’t too scary”).

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And don’t expect the same holiday traffic in the airport that you’d usually see. With many officials encouraging people to stay home this thanksgiving and syracuse sending students online and home early, the airport is more quiet than ever.

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(CG: Jason Terreri/ Executive Director, SYR Airport)
NAME:Jason Terreri
INCUE:With all the
OUTCUE:Are staying home

(“With all the students going home right now, we’ve seen the biggest bump this week where traditionally it’s next week but Thanksgiving week is where we see the big push in traffic. We see a modest bump next week but most people are staying home”).

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From check in to the gate, Syracuse airport looks a little different than it did a few months ago.

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NAME:Jason Terreri
INCUE:But what you’ll
OUTCUE:Restaurants like that

(“But what you’ll notice is the checkpoint you have social distance markings. When you get out in the concourse, you’ve got seating which has been social distanced, some some areas are marked off, concessions program just like any other restaurant we’ve had to reduce in our tables in the restaurants like that”).

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Terreri advises travelers to arrive early, wear your mask and sanitize your hands and other surfaces you may touch. Tara Arya N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)– The holiday season has arrived and usually that would mean more people flying home to be with family. However, due to the pandemic, that is not the case this year.

In Syracuse, students were moved online and people encouraged to not to travel for Thanksgiving if possible. This meant less people going through the airport in what normally is the busiest time of year.

Executive Director of Syracuse Airport, Jason Terreri says numbers have drastically gone down this year. “We see a modest bump next week, but most people are staying home” says Terreri.

For Ashley Win, she’s traveled through Syracuse numerous times and even with the pandemic, felt comfortable traveling through the airport. She explained that both travelers and workers did their part to socially distance and sanitize.

If you are traveling through Syracuse, Terreri advises to arrive early. Make sure to do your part by wearing your mask and sanitizing your hands and surfaces you may touch.

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