Syracuse Attempts Positive Change with Local Property Syracuse Attempts to Positive Change with 800 S. Wilbur Ave Property

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – An abandoned property in Syracuse has been attracting crime to the area. The property at 800 S. Wilbur Ave., was taken over by the city in August.

The surrounding area includes the popular Tipp Hill community.  Residents said they have to keep a close watch on their cars and homes because break-ins are common.

“My car actually got stolen a few years ago, from my driveway,” said Jessica Willey, a Tipp Hill resident.

Another Tipp Hill resident, Kim Markinson is also on the watch.

“I installed cameras around the house because I was starting to get nervous about, you know, people coming in when I’m not home,” Markinson said.

Residents are happy that 800 S. Wilbur Ave. is getting attention from the city, they think it will make the area safer.

“It would be really great to actually see it flourish into something positive,” Markinson said.

Eric Ennis, director of business development, said the city has worked diligently to make the property safer for the surrounding community.

“We’re posting signs that say no trespassing. These are things that just weren’t on the property before,” Ennis said.

The city plans to work with a broker to redevelop the property. The deadline for brokers to submit proposals for the property is this Thursday.

“At this points all options are still on the table and we’re still having active conversations about what it could be developed as,” Ennis said.


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