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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) –  A local barbershop and beauty salon has created a lifestyle hub for central New Yorkers to engage with, generation after generation. Collins Barbershop and Beauty Salon instills their family mantra in the community.

“It’s a sense of. A strong sense of community within our culture. It’s like a home away from home. It’s an environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe and where you can have an open conversation without being too judgmental but you can still have an open conversation,”Albert Duncan said.

Owner Charleston Collins Playing Chest with a customer.

The Collins family atmosphere creates a community center feeling among Syracuse natives. When customers aren’t getting their hair cut, they can count on the Collins family to provide a safe place to talk and have a good time.

The Collins Barbershop and Beauty Salon brand is recognized in different generations which expands their reach in central New York.

“I know when my granddad was here he always talked about handing it down to his kids, the grandkids and hopefully our kids but I never really, I wish I would have understood it with him. I didn’t really understand it until customers were actually telling us,” Tyson Collins said.

Master Barber Tyson Collins giving a customer a haircut.

“I don’t know the inside long term plans but I hope it continues yam know whether they an invite other outside barbers to carry on the legacy or in house or a combination of both. Family and outside entities and they keep it going. Keep that legacy going,” Albert Duncan said.

The Collins family plans to be around for years to come to provide Syracuse with a place that provides affordable haircuts, and a  space that customers can feel comfortable in.

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