Syracuse Cheese Shop Attracts Locals and TikTok Fans Syracuse Cheese Shop Attracts Locals and TikTok Fans

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Curd Nerd on James Street in Eastwood celebrated one year since officially opening in late March. Prior to the event, owner of the Curd Nerd Sarah Simiele said a celebration was planned to commemorate all that has happened over the past year.

“We’re doing a big anniversary weekend here,” Simiele said. “We’re going to throw a big party and I think we’re going to crack open a wheel of parm again.”

Prior to the shop’s opening in 2022, there were not any other cheese-specific shops in the Central New York area. Many grocery stores in the area offer a good variety of cheeses but none to the level that a cheese shop does. Simiele said another great thing about cheese shops is how cheesemongers can get to know customers’ tastes and interact with them on a more personal level.

“A cheesemonger is a bridge between the cheese and the people,” Simiele said. “My job is to know a little bit about all the cheese, the cheesemakers, and everything about cheese and relay that information to the people.”

Just like other small businesses, Simiele must decide what types of cheeses go into her shop. There are a variety of ways Simiele figures this out and she said this is the most fun aspect of her job.

“Some of it is stuff I’ve had throughout the course of my career in cheese,” Simiele said. “Some of it is I go to cheese conferences and things like that. I sample all the new cheeses that are out and figure out what would be a good fit for the shop.”

The Curd Nerd shop can be found at 2800 James St. in Eastwood. In addition to being a place to buy unique cheeses, the shop also offers a variety of events and classes to help people learn more about cheese. Business hours, an event schedule, and other information can be found on The Curd Nerd website and Facebook page.

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