Syracuse Couple Turns Vacant Building Into a Dental Laboratory Syracuse Couple Turns Vacant Building Into a Dental Laboratory

THE REIDS: “To be able to create a company in a community that hasn’t seen anything like this before composed with people from this community will basically change the face of the industry.. dentistry.”

SINGLETON: “Todd Reid and Shanelle Reid says the community has been very supportive of the project.”

SHANELLE REID: “They know that we are here to create economic development, we are here to create jobs.”

SINGLETON: “The Reids say they only have one full time employee right now, that is their general manager.” 

SHANELLE REID: “we will not be hiring any other people until probably January.”

SINGLETON: “The Reids say they want to be competitive, where people will want to come work on the south side.”

SHANELLE REID: “We know that, that will be were we begin to give opportunities to people who come form communities similar to ours growing up and this could be the start of something great for them.”


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – A Syracuse couple is looking forward to bringing excellence, prosperity , and homeownership to South Syracuse, as they transform a vacant building into a dental laboratory. This business will also bring jobs to the south side of Syracuse. 

Access Dental Laboratories sits four stories high on South Salina Street.

“On our first floor we will have a child care facility,” Shanelle Reid said. “Our goal is to address barriers to employment. Our second floor will have an incubator space for people to use. On our third floor we will have our actual laboratory. Then, on our fourth floor we will house the executive offices.”

The Reids say they have gained a-lot of positive feedback from the community and letters of support from council members.

“From our local community, the community members, the [Common] Council, the political people — they know that we are here to create economic development,” Reid said. “We are here to create jobs.”

Todd Reid, her husband, had been given the opportunity to go into dentistry right out of high school and wants to return the opportunity to this community. 

“Just like someone bet on us, we are betting on us and our community,” he said.

Todd and Shanelle Reid of Access Dental Laboratories
© 2020 Access Dental Laboratories

The laboratory is still scheduled to open in the spring of 2021. For the jobs openings, those are soon to come. 

“We will not be hiring until January,” Shanelle Reid said. 

The Reids added they are documenting the process of starting this laboratory. The producer that’s putting this documentary together wants to be able to tell the back story and after it opens. 

“Documenting aspects of the city, different industries that were in the city before, that are gone,” Shanelle Reid said. “ It’s really about the laboratories, the Syracuse community, and the people of Syracuse.” 

The Reids say if you have a business idea, this is the perfect time to bring it forward. 

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