Syracuse Event Helps Deal With Holiday Stress Syracuse Event Helps Deal With Holiday Stress

Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – A Syracuse organization is helping local residents eliminate stress. Isaiah’s Table hosts an event called Good Creations on Tuesday afternoons that is open to the public.

This free event brings a peaceful moment to break up busy and stressful schedules. Through arts and crafts provided by the organization, participants are encouraged to get creative.

“You’re able to relax, you’re able to take whatever’s inside of you and be able to put it on canvas,” said Renee Scherer, a Syracuse Resident.

Scherer attends Good Creations every Tuesday.

“I don’t have my parents anymore,” Scherer said. “I’m definitely looking forward to coming here that Tuesday to relieve all that stress before the holidays.”

Scherer isn’t the only participant that feels stress during the holidays.

“A lot of the people that come here, have broken ties with family’s and things like that, that make it a really depressing, hard time of year, ” said Rebecca Ward, the art event coordinator for Good Creations.

Ward said Tuesday art time brings people together as a community.

“Having a community that is here that like loves them and cares for them definitely helps,” Ward said.

A few hours at Good Creations can prepare anyone for what’s to come, even the holidays.

“When I leave here, I am totally stress free,” Scherer said.






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