Syracuse Finally gets Rainfall, but still Historically Dry September Syracuse Finally gets Rainfall, but still Historically Dry September

REPORTER CAMERON CORTIGIANO: The city has seen less than half an inch of rain since the start of the month, which was on pace to beat the record, which was set back in 1943. This September will not make history however, as rain is expected to continue into tomorrow. DeWitt resident Julia Skeval is happy for the rain, as she feels that the region needed it.

JULIA SKEVAL: Definitely the grass, I think that the grass needed it. Some of the lawns were looking a little brown recently, so I think homeowners are going to be happy that their lawns are green again.

REPORTER CAMERON CORTIGIANO: Not everyone is happy about the rain, as it is an inconvenience during their morning commute for some such as Shawna Lawrence

SHAWNA LAWRENCE: The biggest effect is when I’m walking into work, is that’s most time I have to spend outside. So whatever precipitation is going on, I don’t want it happening between the hours of six and nine.

REPORTER CAMERON CORTIGIANO: For NCC News, I’m Cameron Cortigiano.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS)- People across Central New York are rejoicing this morning because the clouds have opened up and the rain is finally coming down. However, not everyone is happy with the rain, as it is still an annoyance that they don’t need in their life.

Syracuse has been experiencing one of it’s driest Septembers on record. Before today’s rainfall, there had only been 0.49″ of recorded rain in Syracuse during the month, which was less than the 0.51″ recorded back in 1943. The rain came down most of the day and is expected to continue into Wednesday.

Some residents are grateful for the rain because it is important for the environment and economy.

“This summer really there was nothing, which was nice that it’s sunny every day, but at the same time there are a lot of industries and different things that rely on the rainwater,” said Julia Skeval, who lives in DeWitt and added, “I think that for some of the farms in the area, probably the farmers could have really used it for their crops, so I’m sure that this is relieving to them.”


Pink roses in a bed of other foliage have raindrops scattered across the top of the flower bed.
Pink roses in Thornden Park soak up the rain.
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However, other Central New Yorkers shared a different sentiment.

“I’m not a fan of rain so if it’s not raining, I’m happy and so I’m not noticing it. I’ve really only noticed today because I had to come in,” said Shawna Lawrence.

Everyone should be prepared for more precipitation in Syracuse because that time of the year is creeping closer by the day. Appreciate the raindrops now, because those little white flurries are just around the corner.

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